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STUDIO POLICY Payments by check, cash and Venmo are all accepted ·    Payment is due the 1 st  lesson of the month  (Unless you pay l...

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

                             Studio Update Fall 2021


I hope you have all had a restful (or maybe an exciting) summer break!

I have a few things I’d like to communicate before the fall semester.


On line Lessons:

  1. I understand that younger students will not be eligible for the vaccine, so I will continue lessons with them on line.
  2. Additionally,  students who are not vaccinated for COVID will need to continue lessons remotely as well. 
  3. If a student prefers online lessons, that will also be acceptable :)
  4. I may also ask students to mask during their lessons (and I will remain masked as well) so as to mitigate the remote chance of spreading the virus as well as common colds and viruses.  When feasible I will open windows in the studio, and I will have extra masks, hand sanitizer and an air purifier (when windows are closed).


This year, lessons will begin in September because of a few exciting opportunities that have arisen.

The month of August is an especially busy one for me.  I have been cast in the role of Mother Superior in Sister Act  with The Savannah Theater.  Our performances will span the dates: August 13, 14, 15, 19 , 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29 

If you want to come see the show you can use the promo code HEIDI to receive 10$ off each ticket.  

I’ve also been asked to perform with Collective Face and their performance of Masterclass.  Dates to be determined.

Monday, September 7, 2020

New ZOOM update - 9/5/2020


Please install the latest Zoom update!

There is a setting under audio (go to preferences and select Audio)

Under "audio" select ""background noise" LOW (for music)

This is in case the Clean feed link isn't working and we need to use Zoom

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Do's and don'ts of vocal health

The Do's and Don'ts of Vocal Health 


Consume a variety of nutritious foods, beverages, and vitamins 

Attain and maintain physical fitness with regular aerobic and muscle 

toning workouts 

Obtain sufficient rest, sleep, and recreation 

Maintain a humid living environment (40-50 percent humidity

Maintain body hydration by drinking 7 to 9 glasses of water daily 

Use efficient vocal technique in speech and singing 

Use the voice judiciously 

Wash hands frequently 


Inhale or ingest harmful substances such as caffeine, alcohol, recre 

ational drugs, tobacco, and polluted air 

Pursue an overly stressful lifestyle 

Make physical contact with persons who have contagious diseases 

Work or live in noisy, polluted environments 

Speak too much or too loudly, especially in noisy environments 

Scream or clear the throat too much 

Use over-the-counter preparations for colds and allergies, especially 


How to practice

 How to Practice

  1. Review and write notes for any rhythmic problem areas

  2. Determine and mark where you will need to breathe (and do so every single time)

  3. Learn notes and rhythm – for one phrase (or partial phrase) by listening to recordings or play on an instrument such as a piano. Add new phrases after several repetitions until memorized 

  4. Work new notes and rhythm for about 10 minutes and review

  5. If you find a section with notes that is challenging, spend extra time on this – mark it and bring it to your lesson for help 

  6. Foreign Language – learn how to speak words properly and thoroughly by repetition

  7. Speak through the poetry until it is comfortable

  8. Determine what the poetry is communicating

  9. Speak words in rhythm (many many times)

  10.  ONLY WHEN READY – should you add words, notes, and rhythm

By following all the steps you will learn a song in a healthy way. Sometimes we want to take shortcuts, however, these shortcuts will be at the expense of good technique and will ultimately slow down progress.

You may want to track your progress when working on multiple songs to enable you to set goals for learning.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Fall Remote voice lesson instructions

 I have listed below the steps to take to get the best quality voice lessons for your students. We will be using a combination of Zoom (video) and Clean Feed (audio). 

Ideally, this will not cost you anything, however, if you have the desire to invest in some fun gadgets, I've  added a link for a cell phone mic along with the adapter info for newer phones

  1. Please use a computer! 
  2. If you only have a phone available, you may consider an inexpensive mic - Link below
  3. If at all possible, connect your computer directly to your router. I also know this may not be possible, and I will be hard wired on my end. Hopefully that will be sufficient :)
  4. Headphones - most of you are really good at having headphones so this is just a reminder
  5. I am going to be using Clean Feed this semester.  It’s a very good sound app that is free!  I know all of you are having crash courses in technology lately and I don’t want to dump YET ANOTHER new app on you all. Knowing what I know about Zoom, it’s going to be worth it to continue to use Zoom for video but Clean Feed for audio. 
  6. Please send me the  email address that the student will be using for the invitation to clean feed so I can set you up as soon as possible.
  7. I’m happy to meet any time before lessons with your student to establish clean feed so we don’t waste time during lessons :) So, send me a quick text any time in the next week if you want to set that up :)

This  video is super simple and short, and it gives you all you need to know to use clean feed. 


Link to downloading clean feed


Clean feed steps:

  1. Open both zoom AND clean feed
  2. Turn off sound for zoom
  3. Accept invitation for Clean feed 
  4. Since Clean feed is an internet app, it can be run from computers or phones you just need an account

Friday, August 9, 2019

Updated Studio Policy


Payments by check, cash and Venmo are all accepted

·  Payment is due the 1st lesson of the month  (Unless you pay lesson by lesson)

·  My fees are currently $180 month for four 30 minute lessons (mailing is fine, if you would like to be billed, please let me know) 

·  If I need to cancel for any reason I WILL make up the time with the student

·  If a make-up lesson is scheduled and the student cancels there will be no additional make – up lesson for that missed time.

·  If the student hoarse or sick – they should NOT sing, but please call, text or email as soon as possible (24 hours notice preferred) if you need to cancel

·  Students will be asked to purchase music (photocopying music is against copyright laws) but I will make every effort to keep to a select few books. There is also a website IMSLP which has music in the public domain and can be printed at no cost.

·  Students, depending on their level of study, will be asked to practice 30-60 minutes daily.    Although piano study is not required, it would be helpful for all students to have basic knowledge of music theory and the ability to play their own melody (if possible).  I am happy to aid students in developing these skills as well!

·  If a student is experiencing excessive absences or tardiness, I will encourage the student to take time off from attending lessons until they have resolved the issue.  

If you have ANY questions regarding voice lessons or my policies, feel free to contact me!

Please remember to PRACTICE daily!  
You will succeed because YOU have worked